See Yourself Slimmer

One of the best exercises to keep you motivated when you’re slimming is to visualise how good you’ll look when you reach your goal weight.

Studies have shown that visualisation techniques can help people to keep on track and reach their goals.  However it can prove to be easier to say rather than do, that is until now!

See Yourself Slimmer can show you what you could look like after losing weight.  What fantastic motivation, actually see what all your hard work could achieve.  You don’t have to rely on an old photo of you 10 years ago with different hair and clothes, now you can have a current day photo of you slimmer.

You send in your photo (by post or email) along with your weight loss requirements and they do the rest, you then receive your slimmer photo to use how you like.

Stick your slimmer photo up anywhere temptation is lurking: the fridge, biscuit jar, anywhere you like!  Why not use it to show friends and family what you are working so hard to achieve.

Prices start from £19.99 and all photos are offered with a full money back guarantee, photos are returned within 5 working days.  Photos can be returned by email, post or even as a fridge magnet.  You can even get the “airbrush” treatment on your photo and have your spots, wrinkles and bags removed!

Fiona Conway initially set up See Yourself Slimmer after finding that a “homemade” slim photo that she did of herself actually helped keep her motivated to lose weight.  She was three stone over weight and had been struggling for some years in vain to shed the extra pounds that had crept on.

Although she didn’t follow any particular diet, armed with her slim photo stuck up around the house, she embarked on a healthy eating program.  She also got a dog around this time so started going out for daily walks.  Whilst her weight loss was fairly slow, around 1 – 2 pounds a month, it was constant.

After a year an a half she had reached her target weight and that’s when she got to wondering why this diet had been successful when all others had failed.  It was then that it occurred to her that being able to see what she was working towards had really helped to keep her motivated particularly when she was finding it hard to keep going.  She had always found it fairly easy to start a diet and even stay on it for a couple of weeks but then the boredom set in and that’s when she needed a little something extra, her slim photo was that something.

“Every time I felt I needed an incentive to keep going I would just look at my slim photo – it made all the difference to have a current day photo of me slim rather than just looking at old photos when I was younger which just weren’t realistic” she says.

Fiona went on to set up See Yourself Slimmer in order to help others keep motivated the way she had been, the company has been running just under three years now and just as importantly Fiona has maintained her target weight.