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Diet Debate – Weight Loss Diet Reviews and Dieting Resources

Launched at the beginning of 2006, Diet Debate UK provides a free and impartial review of available UK diets. Unlike other diet websites that only provide information, Diet Debate UK also includes a vote poll on each and every diet review page.

Each poll allows every visitor the ability to rate the effectiveness of each diet and hence give an indication of the best (and worst) weight loss diets. Check out the best meals.

Not only does the Diet Debate website provide excellent, impartial weight loss diet reviews, but the concise and easy to understand information on the top 10 diets and variety of methods which will help you lose weight are an excellent resource to help kick start your new year’s resolution of losing weight! For more advice, see this page.

Featured Service – See Yourself Slimmer

One of the best exercises to keep you motivated when you’re slimming is to visualise how good you’ll look when you reach your goal weight. See Yourself Slimmer is a weight loss service that can show you what you could look like after losing weight! Find out more.

Top 5 Beauty Treatments You Need to Know About

Although most of us feel that we will look much better by losing weight, this isn’t always necessary. You just look even better by taking the time out to have a few beauty treatments. This doesn’t mean going under the knife, but includes things such as facials.

1.      Permanent makeup tattoos

As we age, our features gradually move, meaning our eyebrows today won’t be the same as in 10 years time. Semi permanent makeup allows you to change with the times and have brows that are perfect to your face shape. Click here for semi permanent eyebrows in London.

2.      Chemical peels

Chemical peels can solve an entire variety of skin imperfections. Look for facial peels that use glycolic, salicylic or thrichloroacetic acid. This will help your skin appear more glowy and flawless. See more information.

Semi permanent treatments in London

3.       Cosmetic Dentistry

Boost your confidence with a smile makeover!

There are so many affordable treatments nowadays,  from instant teeth whitening, sparkling veneers and invisible braces.

Visit a quality private dentist for world class dental care. We recommend The Perfect Practices elite dental group in London and the Home Counties. Find out why.